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5 Secrets digital marketers use for a successful Facebook ad creative

We've already used the first two tricks of the list, but you couldn't tell cause you haven't read the article yet.

A good digital marketer is like a magician. He can make you think, he can change your perception, and he never reveals his secrets. Well, we're willing to sacrifice our submission to the magician's guild to let you have a taste of our secret marketing handbook.

Nowadays, most of the digital marketing scene is on Facebook, with more than 200 million small businesses trying their luck advertising on it. So, how do you create a well-converting, successful creative for your Facebook ad campaign? Here are a few tips we learned with time, from our experience with Facebook and human beings.

1. Don't show all of your cards.

Many marketers use this trick to make people actually click the ad. If you have a good creative ad that attracts people, it's better for you to leave some details out of it, so people would "have" to click the ad and enter your site. Creating a mystery effect is a great trick to generate hype, taking advantage of the basic human trait: curiosity. Man is a curious creature - s/he likes to know things, that's just the way it is.

2. People like numbers.

People are attracted to numbers. It's probably a relatively new thing. We don't think mankind has been like that since the dawn of time. Maybe it's the lottery, maybe it's science, maybe it's the human desire to put logic behind everything, categorize and organize this existence. Anyways, You can take advantage of this fact by Using numbers in your creative or ad copy. or both. Seeing big, bold numbers, makes people stop scrolling and look at your ad. Let's say instead of "We added a bunch of items to the site", write "We've added +3,700 items to the site". On the first millisecond, the human scrolling its feed will come across the number, he's going to be intrigued by what that number means/stands for, and will continue to read your ad.

3. Use Emojis. Not excessively.

Don't be afraid to use Emojis in your ad copy. It pops in the customers' eyes when he looks at the ad, affiliates your writing with a certain image and mood, and makes you seem more human. After years of experience, and many different tests on Facebook, ads, and posts where we've used Emojis have always gained more engagement. We don't even like Emojis that much, but it's an effective method to make your followers look more into your content.

4. Videos are better.

To put aside cases where you have an exceptional creative concept for the ad, a video format ad would usually perform better than a picture creative. Videos keep your audience in your ad and have a smaller chance to be instantly swiped away. For a better conversion rate, Make sure you produce a high-quality video in mobile & desktop ratio versions, and that the video's first scene will be eye-catching.

Digital marketers usually tend to be more analytical people, that go by the book, and the book says that if you have a problem, hire an expert in that field to fix it. Don't injure yourself while trying to think out of the box, utilize our experience to launch your business to another dimension of creativity, without getting bruises all over your knee caps.

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