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Logo: Values VS. Self-promotion

What has to be in a well-crafted logo & and what does it mean for your business.

So, What do these 4 logos have in common and why is it one of the most important aspects of choosing a logo for your brand?

We tend to come across a phenomenon we're not a huge fan of - Your business service/ field in your brand name. A good case can be "Xinesty Technology Services", a severe case can be an identity-less brand like "New York Immigration Consultants". The same logic also applies to the iconography itself, besides the brand name. This logical form of thinking is pretty disrespectful to any consumer base, sends all the wrong messages you don't want to send, and simply outdated. We'll give it props where it should - the only thing it's good for is your SEO, but it's not like it's something that can't be fixed otherwise.

People think it'll help people find their business, and better associate it with the brand's field of action, but reality proves a bit different.

All of the 4 logos presented at the top don't visually present what their business is doing, nor in the brand's name or logo. (Well, you can say ToysRus is the odd one out, but in fact, the brand name is a result of supreme copywriting, a well-tuned jingle that just rings the right bell. We'll get to that later.)

They don't need people to know what they're doing, they want them to remember them as much as they can. Think of a logo as a condensed piece of artwork that needs to consist of values the brand wants to associate itself with, the aesthetics their customer base tends to be drawn to, and a message that'll stick with you, like a song that gets stuck in your head all month long, sometimes even a lifetime.

You can achieve anything with colors and shapes, just watch a run-through of a painter painting a realistic picture, a bunch of color stains become complete creation. So as in marketing - the human mind doesn't need to be told what the business is doing, it doesn't need to be directly fed with a spoon. It's a working machine, connecting dots in our head, to create a story, picture, and audio. A whole narrative is created every time the brain receives logo imagery. Don't underestimate your customers, they might be smarter than you think (and probably more than they think).

A well-done logo has so much to offer in terms of how it can serve your business, that sticking your business field or a related image pretty much just ruins.

The name and logo "Amazon" don't represent the company's field of action, it represents power and efficiency. The name and logo "Apple" don't represent the phones, it represents creativity, progress, minimalism, and many more subliminal messages.

Being unique pays off, Going by the book may work, but not for long. A well-curated logo can make your brand a timeless icon, while a bad one can send it to its doom.

Need a logo that'll bring to life the true spirit of your brand? Stuck with old branding and wanna replace everything?

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